Local architects focus on solutions for more indoor comfort, create innovative design ideas

2018-04-03 Insights > Local architects focus on solutions for more indoor comfort, create innovative design ideas

Nurlan Kamitov Nurlan Kamitov

ASTANA – Architects are paying greater attention to sustainability in construction and design. INK Architects & Kamitov Project is following this global trend, bringing maximum comfort to its occupants, and The Astana Times spoke with company founder Nurlan Kamitov to learn about its activities and projects.

Formed in 2004, INK Architects offers architecture, interior design and master planning services throughout Kazakhstan and abroad.

“The functional purpose of buildings is a priority. The aesthetic tasks are solved to provide a comfortable indoor environment. The solutions that reflect local traditions are used individually in decorative finishing,” he said.

INK Architects has received high praise for its work throughout the world. The company, with offices in Almaty, the capital, Foshan (China) and Miami (U.S.A.), employs more than 70 young, talented architects from China, Eastern Europe, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine and the U.S.


INK teamINK team

The company was involved in constructing housing complexes and multifunctional, trade and business centres in Almaty, the capital, Atyrau and Shymkent.

“Over the years, the company has implemented more than 76 architectural projects and more than 300 interior design projects. We started working with 17 projects in 2017 and nine of these projects will begin construction this year. The construction of 10 projects that we developed in 2015-2016 also started in 2017,” said Kamitov.

INK Architects is recognised for the conceptual design solutions, aesthetics and comfort of its structures.

Gagarin Park AlmatyGagarin Park Almaty

“We welcome creativity and strive to bring our ideas to the potential customer. We set high standards for our project activities taking into account the needs of society. We defend our ideas regarding construction and design issues. We know the construction industry trends and monitor all innovations,” he noted.

With their practical experience, the specialists take note of architectural heritage worldwide.

“We create different style directions in synthesis with domestic regional themes in design. We are not afraid to combine various styles, but minimalism and simple forms of expressiveness that have always characterised the traditional culture of the peoples of the East are used in the design of architectural projects,” he added.

BI City SeoulBI City Seoul

The company uses advanced design technologies and have BREEAM and LEED accredited professionals. The certifications allow their staff to work on international projects.

“We introduced some new stylistic solutions in architecture in the country, but the most complex projects are still on paper. We monitor author supervision throughout the entire process from design to construction. Functionalism, uniqueness, simplicity and maximum comfort are main principles of the architectural workshop,” he said.

INK Architects has collaborated with private investors and developers on several projects in Barcelona and Miami.

“This is a new market, new challenges and new standards for us. Constant growth is one of our principles. The American and European markets are not only new markets, but also the growth of our knowledge, skills and projects,” he said.

Since 2013, the company has also been working with BI Group, Kazakhstan’s largest construction holding, bringing more than 20 projects to life.


Hilton Astana Hilton Astana

“We work mainly with the multifunctional and residential complexes in Astana and Almaty. We are proud that our projects are the most successful in sales in the BI Group portfolio,” he added.

Expo Boulevard and Green Quarter are considered to be among the most beautiful residential buildings in the capital.

“The Hilton is one of the most important projects of our company. The design of the international hotel was entrusted for the first time to a local company. The interior design of the hotel was made in a record 90 days and the entire construction process took eight months,” said Kamitov.

The company organises training courses and study tours for its employees.

“Recently, our team of architects and designers visited Abu Dhabi and Dubai. We visited the Burj Khalifa complex, the financial centre and the Kayan Tower skyscraper. We studied the buildings under construction of major development companies including Damak, Emaar and Ellington Properties. The visit to Jean Nouvel’s Louvre Abu Dhabi was one of the main priorities of our trip. We also went to Norman Foster’s Masdar City. It is the world’s most sustainable, zero-waste, car-free, carbon neutral city. These projects are useful for our work and serve as a source of new product ideas,” he said.



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