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image: team ink-a

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Believing in better future through design and collaboration


We offer a full range of design services. Our team of architects, engineers, landscape architects, and interior architects works in collaboration in a united information environment to provide the best effective and time-tested solutions. A well-informed process, exchange of ideas, and dialogue within the team help to reduce the time for decision-making and responding to changes and adjustments.

INC Architects is one of the leading local companies in Kazakhstan. Knowledge of the norms and specifics of the region is necessary to reduce deadlines, errors, and critical problems at the later stages of the project implementation. This is the key to bringing the main conceptual ideas to life.


The user is always at the center of our design process. Social interaction of people is especially effective in an ergonomic, interactive, adaptive, safe, and functional environment. We believe that we create long-lasting and healthy spaces by improving people's sensory perception. Textures, materials, lighting, and the language of symbolism create the meaning of daily life.

Our approach is based on testing alternative ideas and solutions. Iconic and memorable spaces are created through cycles of project revision and inclusion of analysis of the social context, climate, and new trends. We explore new materials, technologies, and analysis methods to offer optimal solutions.


We believe in architecture that will stand the test of time and provide for well-being and happiness. We not only meet the requirements of flexibility and optimization, but also use durable and aesthetic materials, select suitable finishing materials and plants, and determine the density and orientation of buildings because all of this plays a vital role in shaping our future cities.

Our company has an extensive history of cooperation with developers for creating developments of a new quality in the country and abroad. We deeply understand how to combine the dynamic aspects of an integrated design. At the same time, regulatory issues are resolved and the interests of our clients and involved parties are balanced. INK Architects' projects are changing the mentality of communities, and the market demands and raising the quality bar.

Our residential complexes, business centers, and hotels are used as an example for both local developers and our international clients.