Hilton Astana – a mesmerising hotel furnished by Brabbu

2022-02-08 Insights > Hilton Astana – a mesmerising hotel furnished by Brabbu

In the heart of beautiful Kazakhstan’s capital, Astana, the Hilton hotel is striking in its splendour. A state-of-the-art hotel, founded in 2017, is located near the best architectural monuments like the Bayterek Tower and the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, close to the business district.

The beginning of the design process

The challenge to create the perfect ultramodern stay in Astana was given to BI Group – a large construction holding in Kazakhstan, which has been implementing projects in its own cities through the years. With the help of Nurlan Kamitov, founder and head of INK Architects, the project of 50,000 sq m was developed and executed within a record time period.

The conceptual basis involves three key elements: nature, culture and the history of central Kazakhstan. One of the dominant symbols of the city is a golden stalk of wheat, which represents its land cultivation and prosperity.

BRABBU products were a perfect choice

To perfectly fit the philosophy of the concept and designer’s idea, BRABBU‘s nature-inspired design was chosen to furnish almost every division.

The spacious restaurant adds to its culinary delights a beautiful interior design, which celebrates Kazakhstan’s culture. Tall golden screens and golden details along with blue and yellow contrasts are the main colours of the country – this is why the elegant IBIS Dining Chair and NAJ Dining Chair came together to celebrate the main idea.

MALAY Armchair in pine green gives an elegant touch to the dining room space, while the chic Nº20 Bar Chair gives a glamorous touch to the cocktail bar. SAARI Sofa is an alluring addition to this room design and can be a true protagonist: delicate, light blue velvet invites a comfortable stay, while the base in polished brass brings elegance to the room set.

The experience provided by Hilton Astana is absolutely incredible: personalised conditions and luxury accommodation will surprise every visitor. Extravagant details combine with high-end furniture, creating beautiful contemporary spaces for casual and formal talks.


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