Architectural design of the Bank Headquarters. Architectural bureau INK Architects
Architectural design of the Bank Headquarters. Architectural bureau INK Architects
Architectural design of the Bank Headquarters. Architectural bureau INK Architects

Bank Headquarters

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The project of the headquarters (administrative and regional building) of the branch of Halyk Bank JSC in Astana is designed in 2022.

When developing the project, the architects of INK Architects proceeded from the position that the building of the new Halyk Bank Headquarters in Astana is not only a symbol of financial stability and prosperity, but also the embodiment of harmony of urbanized environment. It is an architectural structure that epitomizes the spirit of our time.
The object is located in one of the most prestigious and developed areas of the capital: on Turan Avenue, in close proximity to the shopping mall "Khan Shatyr"; the building of the theater "Astana Opera".
"Astana Opera".

Such an iconic environment requires an appropriate aesthetic solution of the bank's architecture, fitting into the established elite urban node.
The concept of the project was based on the basic principles of designing a modern office building: comfort of interconnected working and free spaces, aesthetics of architectural composition and quality infrastructure of the entire internal and external environment of the complex. The peculiarities of the object location on an irregularly shaped plot were reflected in the creation of a complex plan with a monolithic reinforced concrete slab foundation on piles. The building consists of two seven and six-storey volumes connected by a pedway suspension structure, where the head office and the regional branch building are united by an exhibition pavilion.
by an exhibition hall.

The pedway structure offers many possibilities, further extending the functionality of the space. In order to create favorable conditions for the bank's office workers and visitors, the project has carefully considered the system of rational placement of all sectors and zones to ensure free access to the bank's facilities.
sectors and zones in order to ensure free movement of people within the complex.

In solving the aesthetics of the Halyk Bank building, the authors of the project proceeded from the desire to create a logically complete, proportionally built architecture in the modern understanding of its function and form.

First of all, the irregular complex shape of the plan placed the two buildings on different axes, which broke the strict frontality of the overall composition of the complex and allowed to create a spatial play of architectural volumes. This arrangement of the form, together with the well thought-out, verified aesthetics of the facades, makes the object stand out in the surrounding urban environment.

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