Dostyk 300

  • Location:

    Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Project year:

  • Type:

    Residential Complex
  • Scale:

    5, 1423 Hа
  • Building area:

    15 455 m2
  • Residence area:

    29 249 m2
  • Commercial area:

    2 705 m2
  • Total apartments:

  • Total floors:


The residential complex "Dostyk 300" is a contemporary housing development situated in the stunning beauty of Almaty, right on Dostyk Avenue. It is conveniently located near the Esentai and Malaya Almatinka rivers, offering residents a tranquil retreat from the bustling city life.

The complex is surrounded by a well-established pedestrian infrastructure that extends along the picturesque Medeo waterways, providing an ideal setting for leisurely walks and outdoor activities. Architecturally, the complex is designed to foster a strong sense of community. I

t comprises of 24 three-story residential blocks with various public spaces, including playgrounds, sports areas, and cozy leisure zones. The facades of the complex are adorned with ventilated curtain wall systems featuring air gaps and glazed sections with enameled glass. Windows and balcony doors are constructed using energy-efficient materials such as metal-plastic and aluminum, equipped with single-chambered glass.

The complex's roof is flat, roll-on with welded waterproofing and internal drainage to ensure proper rainwater runoff. The "Dostyk 300" project exemplifies our dedication to sustainable development. It not only provides comfortable living conditions but also makes a significant contribution to the city's future. We are committed to ensuring Almaty's ecological, social, and economic sustainability, giving you the assurance that your investment is in a future-proof location.

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