Arena Park

  • Location:

    Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Year of design:

  • Purpose:

    Multifunctional complex
  • Площадь участка:

    297,8 ha
  • Stage:


The concept of the Arena Park residential area is situated in the city of Almaty, in the Alatau district, encompassing the area between Baurzhan Momyshuly Street, Monke Bi Street, Ongar Syynov Street, and Ryskulov Avenue. A satellite image demonstrates its location within the city and its conurbations. Establishing entertainment and recreational infrastructure in the area will alleviate the burden on the city center and reduce the number of cars on the roads. This district can cater to the needs of many suburbs and large settlements, such as Algabas, Teretky, Boralday, Irgeli, and Koksay.

The site is located away from the city, with the Kargalinka River to the west and other water systems to the east. Historically, it has been used as agricultural land and has been intersected by canals, creating complex geology and flood risks that need to be addressed.

The area also lacks greenery, but the fertile soil can contribute to the rapid growth of new forests. Natural forest growth is also observed in the western part.

The total area of the considered district is 297.8 hectares, including existing facilities within Ryskulov Avenue, Ongar Syynov, Monke Bi, and Baurzhan Momyshuly streets.

The vision of the city akimat (administration) is aimed at reducing migration to the city center by creating local centers, which will alleviate the burden on the center and provide accessibility to necessary services within walking distance. This also contributes to the sustainable development of the city and its ability to adapt to changes.

Many are accustomed to the idea that life in megacities revolves around their centers; however, decentralization and balanced distribution of functions are becoming a new trend. Today, people increasingly prefer to live, work, socialize, and acquire new knowledge where they reside.

Urban parks, characterized by grand "gateways" and limited parking spaces, become accessible to residents of city centers. A dense network of streets plays an important role in supporting neighborhoods and blocks, although many have low density and limited diversity of street types.


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