Image: Interior Design Barrel
Image: Interior Design Barrel
Image: Interior Design Barrel
Image: Interior Design Barrel


  • Location:

    Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Completion year:

  • Total area:

    745 m2
  • Seating capacity:

  • Usage:


Barrel Bar is located on the ground floor of Hotel Otrar in Almaty.

Within the conceptual basis of the project are laid themes of “freedom” and “democracy”. Because of this, the distinctive characteristics of this bar are a clear simplicity and originality in detail, and an unobtrusive relationship with the experience of the Soviet past.

Particular importance was placed on playing with textures and on the originality of joining dissimilar materials, artifacts of the Soviet era and the whole history of world classics.

The design features and capabilities of the existing premises were used. Concrete was preserved in large part on the ceiling and columns. Originality in resolution – wooden panels suspended from certain areas of the ceiling serve the function of a kind of fan.

The space features exclusive author’s sketches with ironic humorous content, a photomontage with Michelangelo’s David transformed into an elephant. The same humor and nostalgic notes color the perception of the old Soviet refrigerator, soda machine, and cupboard. But through the entirety of the space, there exists the logic of overall comfort.

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