Image: Interior Design BarFly
Image: Interior Design BarFly
Image: Interior Design BarFly
Image: Interior Design BarFly


  • Местоположение:

    Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Completion year:

  • Total area:

    696 m2
  • Seating capacity:

  • Usage:

    Lounge bar

The stylistic concept behind BarFly comes through in its simplicity and openness, its varying moods and whimsical character.

The elevator lobby of the twenty-sixth floor, where BarFly is situated, was adjoined to the bar as an additional premise. A reception desk and DJ stand were installed in the foyer. This allows a guest to move from the elevator directly onto the dance floor – from the carriage straight to the ball. There is opportunity for experiencing different kinds of parties, including a nightclub.

The spirit of the dining area is conducive to a calming, contemplative pastime. The color range, composed of shades of vanilla and “café au lait”, is combined with open surfaces of natural wood and concrete. The walls are decorated with so-called “carpenter’s garbage”.

The multicolored lighting design plays a large role in the originality of the project. The use of Philips soft tone light bulbs, wall sconces resembling desk lamps transported onto walls and low ceiling lamps shaped like giant luminous dandelions surrounded by a flock of foil origami birds round out the image.

The atmosphere at BarFly is reminiscent of the world of Lewis Carroll, where familiar comfort and predictable order mix whimsically with fanciful fantasies.


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