Image: Interior Design Cafe-Bar Snob Bar
Image: Interior Design Cafe-Bar Snob Bar
Image: Interior Design Cafe-Bar Snob Bar
Image: Interior Design Cafe-Bar Snob Bar

Snob Bar

  • Location:

    Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Completion year:

  • Total area:

    334 m2
  • Usage:


A café-bar located in the business district surrounded by the business complex Nurly Tau.

Its name came to be only as project development reached completion but arrogance, an innate snob, is not to be found here. Still, there is a claim to exquisite taste. And, of course, the laconic restraint and respectability of the business world were reflected in the search for ideas.

The mixed stylistic finish was dictated by a highly complex space plan with many corners, notches, columns, and supporting elements. Taking into account these characteristics as well as the needs of visitors, the space was zoned in different ways. 

Decorative panels with slits surround its separate parts while at the core of the composition is a bar. Massive support columns wrapped in Styrofoam are covered with fireproof materials. Their light surface with delicately flowing wave-like lines simulate the texture of fabric, visually freeing the interior from harsh architectural elements.

There is an active use of all forms of contour lighting throughout the space. The windows feature illuminated shelves and blinds. The very same contour lighting provides visual relief on the ceiling, where black aluminum was removed. The furniture, built in a classical style, was upholstered using elements of denim. 

Different shades within the ocher color range soften the restrained look of the interior.

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