Image:  Interior Design Mojo
Image:  Interior Design Mojo
Image:  Interior Design Mojo
Image:  Interior Design Mojo


  • Location:

    Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
  • Completion year:

  • Total area:

    565 m2
  • Seating capacity:

  • Usage:


Mojo, located within a restaurant complex, consists of two parts: Café Mojo and Barley Pub.

The development of this project was aimed at creating a charismatic space (Mojo translates to charismatic).

At the heart of the idea is ​​a modern, glowing, sparkling, entirely glass urbanized world where "behind the glass", all is seen; where the dividing line between the external and internal space of architecture is blurred.

The restaurant’s premises boast huge eight-meter high ceilings with large windows, which allowed for the installation of a system of stained glass windows with dynamic movable shelves that alter their level of elevation (they ride through the room’s heights). The second feature – a hanging structure created to support an enormous glass sheet (8x8 meters). The interior is very bright, open, and festive.

The design presents object shapes, ceilings, and lighting fixtures executed according to copyrighted drawings, prints, and handcrafted work on the walls. The furniture includes comfortable fabric and leather sofas and armchairs upholstered in aluminum.


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