Architectural design of the of the residential complex Grand Turan Premium. Architectural design services. Architectural bureau INK Architects
Architectural design of the of the residential complex Grand Turan Premium. Architectural design services. Architectural bureau INK Architects
Architectural design of the of the residential complex Grand Turan Premium. Architectural design services. Architectural bureau INK Architects
Architectural design of the of the residential complex Grand Turan Premium. Architectural design services. Architectural bureau INK Architects

Grand Turan Premium

  • Location:

    Astana, Kazakhstan
  • Project year:

  • Type:

    Residential Complex
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The Residential Complex Grand Turan is a new cluster of residential and office blocks with a total area of 13 hectares, located at the intersection of Turan and Syganak Streets, in close proximity to the monumental axis of the capital, the administrative and business heart of the city, Khan Shatyr shopping and entertainment center, and a number of iconic architectural objects. The complex is surrounded by well-developed social infrastructure, near medical clusters, Mega shopping mall, and EXPO center, and along Turan Street is the main university of the country.

Active construction in this zone started in 2014. The development within the site is predominantly residential. Along the main Turan Street, there is a commercial line with mid-rise business centers, which contributes to the organization of workplaces within walking distance. Such a planning solution significantly reduces commuting time and serves as a buffer from the noise and pollution of the main street.

Functionality of the residential complex

The master plan of the complex provides for the creation of a sense of diversity through the design of variable stories, the creation of visual dominants, and the formation of perimeter development. Also, compared to the typical approach, the solutions envisioned by the master planners allow for less energy consumption for the heating and cooling of buildings.

The heart of the residential complex will be a walkway - a space isolated from the noise and bustle of the urban center. The INK Architects team sought to develop a public space that harmonizes with the architecture through the form and selection of materials. A quality and aesthetic environment educates people, especially children. It develops their taste, creative thinking and fine worldview.

An approach to courtyard design has also been developed: maintaining a balance between landscape elements, interests of different user groups, recreation areas for children and adults, vegetation and open space. Based on the company's experience in creating lively and active public spaces, the architects focused on functional zoning and planning of pedestrian and walking scenarios. While designing the paths, the possibilities of cross routes from commercial objects and entrance groups to the points of interest of the residents have been considered. Residents and visitors are given the choice of using a more meandering walking route through the center of the alley, or a direct, transit route along the active frontages of the buildings. To make landscaping work immediately for residents, planting utilizes mature trees, and perennial shrubs in combination with low-growing vegetation. The quality of lighting affects the feeling of safety. Along the alley, there will be food service areas with summer playgrounds, fitness centers, and retail areas. The alley itself is protected by the development from winds not only due to the abundance of vegetation but also by artificial hills that can be used for children's games in winter.

In order to create a landmark showroom and office for the client at the main intersection of Turan and Syganak, an international competition was announced. INK Architects won the competition by proposing a solution that reflects BI Group's philosophy, ideals, and values. The clients are keen to create new quality spaces in Kazakhstan, so we proposed a building form that frames the view of the Grand Turkan like a window. The facade of the building will be made of stained glass glazing, which symbolizes the openness of the customer's company and its shape embodies the idea that "A window is a symbol of a better future".


The residential complex follows the same style of architecture as all buildings even though the houses are presented in different classes. All around the perimeter of the neighborhood, there are business-class houses, and inside the complex - comfort-class housing. The creation of mixed-income neighborhoods is widely used in foreign countries. Such a solution increases the value of housing, and the stability of local communities, and improves the quality of life of citizens and services provided.

Stained glass glazing of entrance groups gives houses not only a modern appearance, originality, and aesthetics, but also natural light, revealing the entire spaciousness of the entrance group. This approach, adopted in Europe, also affects the human perception of the world, safety, and savings on lighting. Building entrances are designed at sidewalk level to create an inclusive environment.

For visual diversity and to create a sense of belonging among the residents, the facade of the comfort class houses is made of a mix of natural-colored clinker bricks and light fiber cement panels. For commerce on the first floors, a palette of natural stone-granite of dark colors is selected. According to the idea, the comfortable class houses will be in warm colors, while the appearance of business class houses will be presented in cold colors, reflecting the architecture that is built along Turan Ave. Turan. Facades with clear geometry, harmoniously combined with the smooth lines of the buildings and color palette, reflect the dynamic energy of the city.

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