• Location

    Tashkent, Uzbekistan
  • Year of projection

  • Assignment

    Multifunctional complex
  • Site area

    2.48 hectares
  • Living space

    15 000 ㎡
  • Commercial area

    2 400 ㎡
  • Stage

    Under construction

NRG VOHA is an excellent example of modern urbanism, which respects nature and minimises environmental impact. 

The project is exceptional in its kind, seeking to harmonise the urban environment with natural beauty.

This unique site can be called a green oasis in the city. The use of native plant species contributes to the preservation of biodiversity and the presence of water bodies creates favourable conditions for the fauna in the area. 

The project is not only a unique combination of modernist design and functionality, but also fulfils all the needs of a comfortable lifestyle. It has an underground car park, playgrounds and recreational facilities. The natural stone used in the facade design adds to the buildings expressiveness, while aluminium panels add to the modern style. 

NRG VOHA is not just a residential complex, it is a place where modern technologies and care for nature merge, where every element is designed in harmony with the environment and human comfort.

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