• Location:

    Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Design year:

  • Purpose:

    Residential complex
  • Land area:

    1,2507 he
  • Apartment area:

    8 047,49 m2
  • Residential area:

    3 915,84 m2
  • Floors:


The Privilegia residential complex represents an architectural ensemble located in an environmentally friendly area near the Zhailjau golf resort, on Sadykov Street in the Bostandyk district of Almaty. It consists of eight club houses, each three stories high. The project was developed with three main concepts in mind: a comfortable environment, an active lifestyle, and safety.

Additionally, the project's location in the upper part of Almaty was taken into account.

The project implements all recommendations for frame reinforcement, ensuring reliable operation in a seismic zone of up to 10 points, as confirmed by the conclusion of JSC "KazNIISA."

Considering the overview of this site, the panoramic view of the Zailiysky Alatau mountains, and the golf club, we designed spacious terraces and balconies with maximum access to fresh air in each apartment on all floors, including intermediate floors, as well as rooftop terraces. Thus, residents of this residential complex will be able to enjoy fresh air and beautiful views of both the mountains and the city.

Moreover, the project includes the possibility of transforming both the exterior and interior spaces of the apartments. The latest building materials, modern engineering systems, including water supply and heating, were applied. A full range of fire safety measures was taken into account, as well as barrier-free access for people with limited mobility both in the residential part of the complex and throughout its territory.

In addition, the architectural composition of the courtyard was designed to be private while maintaining an open feel, allowing for a broader view of the mountains, the golf course, and the city.

The landscape of the residential complex will be unique, designed with our international experience in mind. The courtyard space, according to the landscape design concept, is executed not only in a horizontal plane. The project also implements the concept of volumetric green elements, recreational areas, and a children's playground integrated into the hilly landscape.

Residents of the complex will have the opportunity to access both the urban space of the city and the golf club area.

The placement of the buildings on the site takes into account the aeration of fresh air descending from the mountains towards the city, ensuring ventilation for both the complex and the entire surrounding area.

Overall, the Privilegia residential complex is, above all, elegant architecture. The entire complex is designed in noble light tones, using natural Lime Stone.


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