NRG Yangi Baxt

  • Location:

    Tashkent, Uzbekistan
  • Year:

  • Category:

    Residential Complex
  • Plot of Area:

    60 ha
  • Residential area:

    52 600 m2
  • Commercial area:

    2 560 m2
  • Floors:

  • Stage:

    Under construction

Located on the shore of Lake Bakht, a modern and environmentally sustainable quarter will emerge, designed under the Mixed Use principle. Within the territory of this residential complex, there will be not only residential buildings but also offices, commercial and entertainment establishments, as well as recreational and sports facilities. Thanks to this multifunctionality, all essential facilities will be within close proximity.

The facades of Yangi Baxt are characterized by a variety of materials. The lower floors are adorned with granite, while modern materials such as facade panels, aluminum, and composite coatings are used on higher floors, adding contemporary style and texture diversity. Such a combination creates a unique and modern look for the entire complex.

At the heart of the entire complex lies a picturesque water feature, traversed by an elegant pedestrian bridge. This element not only enhances beauty and visual interest but also fosters a serene and relaxing atmosphere where residents can enjoy the sounds of nature and views of the lake.

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