Architectural design of the multifunctional complex Kok Dariya. Architectural design, building design services. Architectural bureau INK Architects
Architectural design of the multifunctional complex Kok Dariya. Architectural design, building design services. Architectural bureau INK Architects
Architectural design of the multifunctional complex Kok Dariya. Architectural design, building design services. Architectural bureau INK Architects
Architectural design of the multifunctional complex Kok Dariya. Architectural design, building design services. Architectural bureau INK Architects

Kok Dariya

  • Location

  • Type

    Multifunctional Complex
  • Site area

  • Building area

    146 ha
  • Commercial area

    73 065 sqm
  • Stage


The Kok Dariya residential district is one of the large-scale concepts of the master plan proposed by the INK Architects team for the development of a new district within the metropolis. The total area allocated for residential purposes is 146.8 hectares, equivalent to over 200 football fields. Situated in the northeast part of Almaty, the area is just a 10-minute drive from the business center, encompassing the territory between Bukhtarminskaya Street and Khmelnitsky Street, from Suyunbay Avenue to Kuldzhinsky Tract.

According to the master plan, the Kok Dariya residential district comprises a comprehensive complex of facilities, including residential buildings, cottages, commercial and office spaces, schools and kindergartens, a multifunctional shopping complex, a polyclinic, a mosque, an aviation museum, a sports park, and administrative buildings.

The underlying concept of the master plan incorporates modern approaches and strategies in urban development. Based on urban planning analysis conducted by the INK Architects team, the main issues and opportunities of the area were identified and considered in the subsequent design process. The intention of urban planners is for the project to become a new urban center, addressing several systemic issues of the largest agglomeration.

By the projected deadline (2030), an increase in Almaty's population by 1,101,218 people, or 45.9%, is anticipated, including an increase of 914,309 urban residents and 186,909 rural residents.

The main issue in Almaty is the daily pendulum migration of the population from suburban areas to the center: from residential areas to workplaces and back. Additionally, the majority of pedestrian-recreational areas are located in areas with the lowest population density. Therefore, the northeast center of the city aims to become a favorite leisure and business activity area for city dwellers, as well as to open up broad opportunities for the development of domestic tourism.

The architectural vision of the INK Architects team aims to develop a uniform urban fabric in Almaty by providing a large number of local centers, which will help the city enter a new stage of sustainable development using scientifically substantiated urban planning theories.

Key advantages of a sustainable city include providing jobs and leisure activities within walking distance, developing small and medium-sized enterprises on the periphery, preserving nature and reducing pollution, and reducing traffic flow. Each individual element harmoniously integrates into existing connections, creating new ones. The well-thought-out urban environment, pedestrian, transport, and natural frameworks are optimally combined with existing connections. Compact block sizes promote the development of local entrepreneurship. Street profiles, human-scale environments contribute to both aeration and providing a variety of modes of transportation.

To ensure the uniqueness and attractiveness of the district, it includes several objects that have no analogs in the area or even in Almaty as a whole.

Sky and Cosmos Museum - The Aviation and Space Museum Park will be a vibrant cultural representation of the district. It will feature live exhibits such as old planes from the Almaty airport, aircraft components, and many interesting elements. Visitors will have the opportunity to visit the art object both in hangars and in the park area with the possibility of virtual immersion. It is expected that the museum will be associated with the location and will be as firmly established in the minds of residents as the airport lake. The development of space and aviation will create an additional competitive industry in Kazakhstan. The proximity to the city's airport and its connection with history will help support the new museum, which will be visible to guests of the Southern Capital during aircraft landings.

Box Park Community - Another relevant idea of urban planners. It is a trade and entertainment area composed of cargo containers, located closer to Bukhtarminskaya Street. Such places are popular in all megacities around the world. The area of the Almaty Box Park is 3.5 hectares and includes four different functional zones related to entrepreneurship development. Public space will provide new opportunities for coworking, logistics companies, and small and medium-sized businesses.

Special attention from architects is focused on the improvement of the surroundings of the local mosque. The main attraction of the district will be highlighted by landscape design, water features, lighting, and street furniture, creating a special comfort in the space around the mosque.

In addition to this, the master plan concept includes equally important objects for the vitality of the district, such as: a sports park adjacent to the green framework. Such a location allows people to walk, run, and cycle throughout the district. Greenhouse - a greenhouse park, a personal garden with vegetable patches and greenhouses, where natural and local produce will be grown. The greenhouse park aims to unite residents into a community and teach children gardening. Historically, this plot has been used as a sowing field, indicating fertility.

Such objects as a city park, forest, water body, dog walking area, playground enrich the infrastructure of the district, providing residents and guests of the city with comfortable living conditions.

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