Architectural design of the Bank Headquarters. Architectural bureau INK Architects
Architectural design of the Bank Headquarters. Architectural bureau INK Architects
Architectural design of the Bank Headquarters. Architectural bureau INK Architects

Bank's Headquarters

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    Astana, Kazakhstan

The headquarters project of a bank branch in Astana, developed in 2022, stands as a symbol not only of financial stability and prosperity but also embodies the harmony of urban space. Situated in one of the city's most prestigious and developed areas, on Turan Avenue, in close proximity to the 'Khan Shatyr' Shopping Center and the 'Astana Opera' theater, this building required an architectural aesthetic that integrates seamlessly into this elite urban hub.

The project's core concepts were based on fundamental principles of modern office construction: ensuring comfort within interconnected workspaces, emphasizing the aesthetics of architectural composition, and providing high-quality infrastructure throughout the complex's internal and external environment.

The unique site shape influenced a complex layout, necessitating a foundation of monolithic reinforced concrete slabs on piles. The structure comprises two interconnected seven and six-story volumes, united by a suspended 'pedway' system, housing the main office and the regional branch building, connected by an exhibition pavilion. The 'pedway' structure offers diverse possibilities, expanding the spatial functionality of the area.

With the aim of creating favorable conditions for bank employees and visitors, the project meticulously planned the rational allocation of all sectors and zones, ensuring free movement within the complex.

In shaping the building's aesthetics, the project authors aimed to create a logically complete, proportionally structured architecture that aligns with contemporary functions and forms. The unconventional plan's intricate form positioned the two structures on different axes, disrupting the strict frontality of the complex composition, allowing for a spatial interplay of architectural volumes. This form, coupled with refined facade aesthetics, distinguishes the structure in the urban environment.

The architectural design emphasizes a rhythm of vertical and horizontal divisions. Visual magnification of the facade's scale is achieved through horizontal segmentation of the continuous facade glazing, dividing the seven and six-story buildings into four levels. This compositional approach adds monumental representativeness and a strict aristocratic quality to the architectural image.

Additional plasticity to the volume is created by projecting parts of the facades, setbacks, and a system of curtain panels.

The minimalist aesthetic of the hi-tech style with a polished subdued color scheme is incorporated into the interior design. The project's authors integrated national thematic elements into small architectural forms and decorative details.

The project also includes landscape design, incorporating squares and parks, alongside both surface and underground parking. The underground parking accommodates 386 spaces for employees, while the surface lot provides 400 spaces for guests.

Representatives from INK Architects are confident that the architectural environment they've created will be comfortable and in demand, having meticulously designed every aspect to meet these criteria.

In solving the aesthetics of the Halyk Bank building, the authors of the project proceeded from the desire to create a logically complete, proportionally built architecture in the modern understanding of its function and form.

First of all, the irregular complex shape of the plan placed the two buildings on different axes, which broke the strict frontality of the overall composition of the complex and allowed to create a spatial play of architectural volumes. This arrangement of the form, together with the well thought-out, verified aesthetics of the facades, makes the object stand out in the surrounding urban environment.

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