SAT Tower

  • Location:

    Astana, Kazakhstan
  • Project year:

  • Type:

    Business Center
  • Scale:

    0, 30 Ha
  • Built-up area:

    1 085 m2
  • Building area

    17 102, 17 m2
  • Office area:

    11 629, 93 m2
  • Commercial area:

    450, 36 m2
  • Total floors:

  • Stage:


The volume of the 18-storey building of the Sat NS Tower business center is inscribed in the existing space of the central highway of the capital, in the square of Turan Avenue, between Syganak and Dostyk streets, in close proximity to the two previously erected high-rise buildings of the Astana Marriott Hotel. All structures are united by an arched gallery of a low-rise structure of commercial structures deployed in the space between the buildings.

The concept of the project was based on the principle of creating purely comfortable conditions for the professional and business activity of people included in the orbit of the dynamics of modern city life. An important message was also the need to transform the internal space for specific functional tasks, in connection with which it has the most free forms.

The facility is located in one of the busiest districts of Astana. Close to the line of Nurzhol Avenue, Khan-Shatyr shopping and entertainment center, the building of the main opera house "Astana Opera" and a large number of cultural, administrative, business and public types of objects. Therefore, one of the important tasks for the architects of INK Architects was to create their own figurative architecture solution, different from the whole environment.

Due to the need to include the building in the existing volumetric and spatial environment of the capital quarter, the composition of the business center Sat NS Tower is solved as a complex irregular pentagon in terms of plan. The building is located with a slight turn of the volume on the south side and is cut off along the northeast line. All the main dimensions and length of the facades are dictated by the existing location of other objects.

Protruding at an angle to one of the busiest intersections of Astana's highways, Turan Avenue and Sygynak Street, Sat NS Tower business center also stands out for its extraordinary facades in the environment.

The aesthetics of architecture is based on the stylistic principles of high-tech minimalism: the utmost simplicity and brevity of form without excessive detail. The plasticity of the form is enlivened by the cantilever protrusions of the volumes at a height of 4 to 13 floors, as well as the different formats of the frames of the orthogonal grid of the front aluminum panels. They create the illusion of a combination of different-scale surfaces of the entire perimeter of the form volume, and together with the cantilever extension of a part of the building, they introduce an element of dynamics as opposed to the general static nature of the existing architecture of the environment.In accordance with the concept of minimalism, a restrained range of colors was used: tonal comparisons of stained glass and white, ocher frames of a grid of decorative panels.

Thus, using minimal means, the architects of INK Architects, correctly fitting into the context of the existing city environment, sought to create a worthy representative object, distinguished by its figurative solution. The surrounding landscape environment also organically fit into the intersection of the main highways of the city.

The convenient location of the Sat NS Tower business center allows both business structures and administrative and business use of its premises to hope for the successful operation of the building in the future. There are all conditions for work and leisure, holding all kinds of creative and social events.

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