Image: Winter's Gate Pavilion
Image: Winter's Gate Pavilion
Image: Winter's Gate Pavilion
Image: Winter's Gate Pavilion

Hyde Park Paviliion

  • Location:

    London, England

Winter is the time when most of the street life vanishes, activities and people hide behind the shelter. The movement between different nodes of life lessens as people are less eager to travel in cold weather. As a result, a large portion of Hyde Park remains peopless.

The Winter Gate pavilion aspires to connect the Hyde Park's northern part, deprived of activities, to the city and the most active parts of the park. We used a combination of natural and reflective materials with rich tactile qualities to connect people with the Park and winterscape. The playful nature of the pavilion attracts and keeps the people, creating another node of life and activity. It is a new meeting point, symbol, and gateway landmark.

The pavilion is sited in between the existing trees. It is highly visible from the entrance to the park. This creates a welcoming feel for the visitors and the passers-by. It also provides a stopping point by providing space for a coffee kiosk, sheltered bicycle parking, and seating areas.

Royal Parks' Symbol
The pavilion's overall shape is inspired by the most common association with parks - leaves. It establishes a recognizable and relatable landmark right at the northern gates, contributing to the sense of space. The "leaves" also curl to resist winds and resist bending thanks to bracing from below.

Functions & Modules
When the winter ends, the pavilion could be disassembled and located in different areas of the park. Each part of the pavilion carries various functions and could fit in smaller locations.

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