Edgewater Residence

  • Location:

    Dubai, UAE
  • Year:

  • Designation:

    Residential Complex
  • Plot Area:

    10, 772 m2
  • Building Area::

    69, 579.23 м2
  • Residential Area:

    39, 320 m2
  • Floors:

  • Stage:

    Under Construction

Edgewater Residence is a stunning embodiment of modern luxury and style in the heart of Dubai. Located on the man-made Dubai Islands, this residential complex is inspired by the beauty of the Persian Gulf and the majestic urban landscapes.

The facade of Edgewater Residence is oriented to maximize natural light within the apartments. Numerous glass surfaces create a dynamic play of light and shadow, giving the building an elegant and contemporary look.

Panoramic 360-degree views provide breathtaking perspectives of the city and the gulf, allowing residents to enjoy picturesque landscapes at any time of day.

Protruding balconies on the building's ends create a dynamic rhythm and add visual interest to the facade. The shades of aluminum panels, ranging from champagne to light gray, harmoniously blend with wooden finishes, giving the complex an elegant and refined appearance.

The balconies are seamlessly integrated into the main structure of the building, forming continuous bands that give the facade a sense of unity and coherence. Vertical elements provide additional volume and privacy for the apartments, striking the perfect balance between openness and seclusion.

Each apartment in Edgewater Residence is equipped with a balcony, allowing residents to enjoy fresh air and magnificent views. High ceilings, reaching up to 3.2 meters, give the space a sense of freedom and spaciousness, characteristic of modern, premium-class living areas.

The complex offers apartments ranging from one to three bedrooms, with areas from 45 to 200 square meters, meeting the diverse needs and preferences of residents. Each apartment is meticulously planned with ergonomics and functionality in mind, ensuring maximum comfort and convenience.

The podium of Edgewater Residence features a three-level parking garage, equipped with handicapped spaces and tandem parking spots. The exterior of the podium harmonizes with the overall architectural concept of the complex, accentuated with perforated details and golden elements, giving it an elegant and modern look.

The podium's roof houses swimming pools, children's and sports playgrounds, as well as spacious private terraces of 35 square meters. The entrance areas and amenities, including gyms, children's play areas, and other infrastructure facilities, are located on the podium's lower floors, ensuring convenient access for residents.

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