Image: Wonderland Park
Image: Wonderland Park
Image: Wonderland Park
Image: Wonderland Park

Wonderland Park

  • Location:

    Moscow, Russia
  • Type:

    Theme Park
  • Scale:

    120 hа
  • Stage:



The site of 120 ha is located 45 km from Moscow. The river Nara divides the land lot in half. There is a hill that could be used for winter games. It was developed as part of a complex regional development plan, which would have industrial and residential areas.

The plot has an irregular shape. The terrain of the site is complex, with a significant height difference. In places the drop reaches 50 m. The section descends from the northern border toward the Nara River. There is a functioning tubing park, "Elagino," and a quarry pond equipped with places for fishing.

Client aspirations

The customer wanted the team to develop a stylization of the project according to their vision. The customer wanted to connect the image of the park with nature, sports, ecology, high-quality services, and a healthy lifestyle.


The active part of the park is mainly north of the river, closer to the highway and gas station. It will have cafes, restaurants, and rentals near the entrance. The park will be 4-seasonal. So some areas are used for dual purposes.

Hotel complex

The new hotel will be elevated on stilts and columns to minimize the building's floorplate touching the ground and reduce the land used. The new modular guest houses will be manufactured off-site. Constructing in a factory would also ensure the air-tightness of the construction and proper thermal insulation levels. Wood would be used as the house's primary structural material due to its light-weightiness and durability.

Two-story houses powered by wind and solar powers. The fireplace helps to heat the water and cook. The mineral wool insulation and wooden cladding help to maintain the heat and reduce the environmental impact on the area.

The site has greenhouses to supply the guests with fresh greens and vegetables and educate children about farming. In addition, it will utilize aquaponic/vertical gardens that yield four times more than in normal conditions.

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