Image: Designing the congress hall
Image: Designing the congress hall
Image: Designing the congress hall

Atakent Congress Hall

  • Location:

    Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Type:

    Congress hall
  • Site area:

    2, 3 Hа
  • Stage:


Atakent is a complex of exhibition venues, sports buildings, malls, and recreational grounds in Almaty. It was initially purposed for exhibitions, conventions, and congresses. The place traces its' history back to 1950's when it was used for agricultural and industrial fairies.

The akimat of Almaty (city council)  has shown interest in developing Atakent further as a collaboration and networking platform. The brief required to design a congress hall with an iconic design and good integrations to the surrounding context. 

INK Architect's proposal for the congress hall integrates the building to the surrounding context by recessing it to the ground by one level. This creates a floating feel to the building and dynamic circulation scenarios. The proposal complements the existing functions of Atakent and creates a locally unique precedent of architecture reflecting the internal facilities and navigating the pedestrian flow. The boulder-like appearance references the nature of the region that has mountains and Charin canyon.

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