Architectural design of the residential complex President's Park. Architectural bureau INK Architects
Architectural design of the residential complex President's Park. Architectural bureau INK Architects
Architectural design of the residential complex President's Park. Architectural bureau INK Architects
Architectural design of the residential complex President's Park. Architectural bureau INK Architects

President's Park

  • Location:

    Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Project year:

  • Type:

    Residential complex
  • Plot size:

    4, 34 Hа
  • Built-up area:

    15 920 m2
  • Building area:

    52 175 m2
  • Residential area:

    30 852 m2
  • Total apartments:

  • Total floors:

  • Stage:


The President's Park complex is characterized by a particularly careful attitude both to the external surrounding landscape and careful development of the volumetric and spatial composition of the complex. It represents a modern neighborhood with the features of country palaces of manor type.

The President's Park complex is located in a very picturesque place: next to the First President's Park and Zhailau Golf Club. This is one of the major recreational areas of the city, so it was important to preserve the atmosphere of comfort of the recreation area and at the same time create a self-sufficient cozy urbanized environment.

This area is a low-rise development zone, with a difficult terrain, but our site is relatively flat, with no large drops in the horizon.

We guess, that in this case Art Nouveau aesthetics fully meets our requirements. In Art Nouveau style, the function determines the form, which is directly reflected in the appearance of the architecture. And predominantly plant motifs of nature in the decoration, as well as the whole concept of "bionics", have been established in world architecture as one of the trends. In the development of our project, functionality plays one of the key roles, therefore, so much attention was paid to the internal layout of the apartments.

The project has got direct quotes, as well as various variations in the spirit of Art Nouveau style. A direct reference to Art Nouveau are the picturesque panels with floral motifs on the facades, made in the mosaic technique. A direct reference to Art Nouveau is also expressed in the general plasticity of the volumes of forms, although externally the complex is perceived as a modern building with an abundance of glass. For example, the smooth curved shape of the terraces and balconies at the ends of one of the houses facing the line of Sadykov Street and the Park of the First President.

The architecture of the complex is created by modern technological possibilities and modern types of materials. Profiled cornices, parapets, accent highlights of entrance groups, a combination of textures of different facing materials on the walls under wood, travertine, bronze, clinker bricks, stained glass windows with decor "under the champagne splash", aluminum facade system - all from a series of interpretations of Art Nouveau aesthetics. A rich play of nuances is built on the rhythms of horizontal and vertical forms.

However, Art Nouveau style principles are not the only ones in the development of this project of our company. Constructivism is also important in the architecture of President's Park, and it fits the structure into the range of modern types of buildings

In general, the plasticity of the volumes of the forms of architecture is rich in a variety of options. A distinctive feature is that no facade is repeated twice.

We have already noted that traditional Kazakh culture, like no other, has radically changed the vector of its development. From the past, we have only the image of this culture left, which is entirely associated in our consciousness with the image of a horse rider or the image of the horse itself. He personifies all the elements of nature, its benefits and the life of a nomad. Therefore, in developing the landscape design of the complex we wanted to express a sense of belonging to the world of our ancestors, who valued the will to freedom, because for our ancestors the primacy of nature was the basis of a philosophical attitude to life

The composition in the center of the residential complex, which is describing the horses running against the background of mountains, represents not only freedom, but also a direct connection with the history of our people. It is a symbol of nomadism, its trace in our soul.

The apartment complex is extremely functional, so the comfort of the living environment will of course only enhance the living standards of its inhabitants. The roof is used as a living space, and the panorama around it creates a feeling of complete unity with the environment. Thus, relaxation after a day's work is perhaps the surest sign of true comfort in the fast-paced realities of our lives. The area is protected from the strong noise of the city, but does not exclude it from the context of events taking place in it. All kinds of amenities are provided within the complex, and landscape design of courtyard spaces, fountains and sculptural group put the complex in the category of urbanized environment of luxury class.


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