Image: Koktobe City
Image: Koktobe City
Image: Koktobe City

Koktobe City

  • Location:

    Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Project year:

  • Type:

    Residential Complex
  • Scale:

    7, 1 Hа
  • Building area:

    38 895, 9 m2
  • Residence area:

    49 426, 3 m2
  • Total apartments:

  • Total blocks:

  • Total floors:

  • Stage:


Koktobe City is a unique mid-rise residential complex situated on the hillside of Almaty near its business center at the foot of Kok Tobe Mountain. It is a perfect combination of a city apartment and a country house, currently under construction and scheduled to be completed in 2020. It provides all the benefits of living in a big city while avoiding the noise pollution and social disconnection that frequently comes with it.

The development links two sides of a highway road. It comprises 72 multi-unit low-rise blocks, a supermarket, an apart-hotel, a school, a medical center, educational institutions, and developed infrastructure. The eastern section of the Kok Tobe complex comprises 2-3 story comfortable business-class townhouses, offering convenient modern layouts, large stained glass windows, open terraces, and private parking spaces.

The residents will benefit from 2-4 story buildings, living in a compact and dense neighborhood that boosts the sense of community and overall well-being. The architecture of the complex merges neo-classic and modern architecture styles, featuring facades and building materials that differ from house to house to create visual diversity and a sense of space. The facades' finish incorporates high-quality and eco-friendly modern materials such as natural stone, clinker bricks, ventilated HPL panels, and aluminum facade panels. Vertical landscaping is also provided for creating cozy green courtyard spaces that offer a pleasant environment for the residents.

Moreover, the apartments are designed for flexibility, permitting the owners to reconfigure internal spaces and combine flats as desired. The ground floor apartments have their own terrace spaces, which increase the residents' natural surveillance levels and ownership responsibility. In addition, the complex is designed to be energy efficient, using natural resources such as sunlight and water. This leads to a reduction in energy consumption and costs, which can be beneficial for the residents.

Overall, Koktobe City provides a unique combination of the city and the country, with a range of features that make it suitable for all kinds of people. In addition, the complex is an example of sustainable development and a great place to live.

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