Grand Opera

  • Location:

    Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
  • Project year:

  • Type:

    Residential complex
  • Plot size:

    1, 6111 Hа
  • Built-up area:

    5 518, 3 m2
  • Building area:

    45 760, 68 m2
  • Commercial area:

    2 277, 3 m2
  • Residence area:

    28 913 m2
  • Total floors:

  • Total apartments:

  • Stage:


The residential complex Grand Opera is located in the cultural center of Nur-Sultan, on Turan Street, close to the State Opera and Ballet Theater, and this has earned its name.

The residential complex consists of eight blocks of different levels, creating a rhythm that supports the building line.

The inspiration for the architectural concept was the experience of the Chicago architecture school, which promotes the modern style. This style is characterized by multi-story and strict lines, which can be seen in the elegant facades of the Grand Opera complex. As planned by the architects, the facades should have a clear composition with expressive plasticity of details and a combination of different textures and colors that rationally convey the aesthetics of American romanticism. It was these techniques that allowed the residential complex to harmoniously fit into the surrounding architectural ensemble while maintaining its uniqueness and become an accent element of the area.

The blocks of the residential complex Grand Opera are located in such a way that a spacious but private courtyard is formed in the center of the town planning composition. In combination with the latest technology in the field of smart homes has been achieved maximum safety of living. For the most comfortable living, the architects designed the spacious and bright layouts of the Grand Opera apartments. Also, for the convenience of residents, the first two floors of the complex are occupied by commerce.

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