• Location:

    Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Project year:

  • Type:

    Residential Complex
  • Scale:

    7,4 Hа
  • Built-up area:

    30 852 m2
  • Building area:

    248 589,5 m2
  • Residence area:

    135 491,3 m2
  • Total apartments:

    1 709
  • Total floors:

  • Stage:


The project aspires to create a new inspiring landmark and add value to the most rapidly developing part of Almaty. The development balances the need for a density, planning regulations requirements, and the human scale by designing diverse facades and carefully playing with building compositions. 

4YOU seamlessly integrates into the modern masterplan of Almaty. The development takes advantage of being next to the main pedestrian arteries by adding commercial and public spaces along the planned pedestrian boulevard. This will support the pedestrianization of the area, increase property value, reduce the need for automobile transportation, and increase safety. Moreover, such places have great potential for future cultural events, festivals, and fairs. 

The development is divided into four residential blocks for better property management and comfort of the residents. The landscaped courtyards with spectacular gardens play a key role in the emerging community life, as they are used as a space for meetings, play, activities, and recreation. Better communities contribute towards the safety and well-being of the development. 

The distinctive architectural style of 4YOU incorporates contemporary vision towards materiality, bringing vibrant material combinations. Rare to the region, brick cladded towers will create a strong sense of space, while the green roofs relate to the colour of the upper floor of neighbouring Gagarin Park, a similar-sized residential complex. Taking the inspiration from the iconic cities such as Chicago and New York, but in a way that’s tailor-made for the 21st century, the project supports the emerging skyline of the city and contributes to the new striking image of the Central Asian megapolis. 

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