Image: Unity Gardens Tower
Image: Unity Gardens Tower

Unity Gardens Tower

  • Location:

    Tashkent, Uzbekistan
  • Project year:

  • Type:

    Multifunctional complex
  • Building area:

    68 100 m2
  • Residence area:

    35 880 m2
  • Commercial area:

    11 780 m2
  • Stage:


The Friendship Unity Gardens Tower is a unique architectural complex that would be located on the territory of the Shaykhantakhur district of Tashkent. Specialists of the INK Architects developed the detailed project by taking into account the wishes of the customer, the features of the surrounding space, historical, cultural traditions of Uzbekistan, new technologies and realities of modern time.

The peculiar shape of the building do not just represent the first capital latter of the name of the country, but also symbolize a graceful flower. Any framework never limits the imagination of our specialists. Therefore, our team focused on other no less important factors. The tower is like a mythical bird Humo, which is the central element of the coat of arms of Uzbekistan - It descends from the sky and spreads its wings.

All national symbols testify to the well-being and prosperity of a country with a rich history, and the majestic construction will be a clear confirmation of the achievements of many generations of people, the ongoing and successful development of modern Uzbek society.

The complex, which occupies 26 floors and has a total area of 68 100 m², is located near the financial center of Tashkent City. On a vast space of a kind of town, conveniently and compactly located: parking, offices, restaurants, hotels, apartments, and a fitness center. This will create the most comfortable living conditions for work and leisure for residents of the capital.

The tallest building will undoubtedly become the architectural highlight of all of Uzbekistan. It will not just stand out due to the shape, height and occupied area, but will become a symbol of the continuous development of the country.

Detailed thought-out multi-colored illuminations, ennobled adjoining territory will make an equal contribution to the achievement set by the employees of our bureau. Well-planned layout of the premises and panoramic windows would provide them with light throughout the day, allowing office workers, apartment owners, visitors to hotels and restaurants to enjoy superb views, sunrises and sunsets. The building, unique in all respects, will undoubtedly become a real tourist Mecca, attractive to guests of the capital from around the world.

The location chosen by taking into account the following factors. The tower would be located in close proximity to the main transport arteries: roads, metro lines, and the airport. In just a few minutes from the architectural miracle described, you can reach kindergartens, schools, universities, a shopping and entertainment center, theaters, Friendship of Peoples Square or Pakhtakor Stadium.


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