Image: ACAST Park
Image: ACAST Park
Image: ACAST Park
Image: ACAST Park


  • Location:

    Almaty. Kazakhstan
  • Project year:

  • Type:

  • Park area:

    9, 38 Hа
  • Playground area:

    1 500 m2
  • Workout zone:

    1 800 m2
  • Dog walking area:

    800 m2
  • Ponds:

    3 600 m2
  • Landscaping:

    7 Ha
  • Stage:


Key location
The new park is located in the most rapidly developing parts of Almaty, in the business district in the south. It is adjacent to a newly finished Almaty Theatre, the Financial Center of Almaty, and an Arts Museum, that is being constructed now. A nearby land lot was also chosen for a new building of the USA Embassy.

All-day long use
Once completed, 6500 employees of nearby business centers and 8000 residents will be able to access the park within a 5-minute walk. Thus, the area will be used for most of the day, efficiently utilizing a valuable land lot. Employees will be using the area during the daytime, while residents will occupy it in the mornings, evenings, and weekends. The quality of the park and the diversity of functions may also attract people from all over the city.

Connecting to the Context
Our team of architects has analyzed existing infrastructure in 2 km radii, including playground typologies, running, and cycling routes. Connecting ACAST Park with the main running and cycling routes will contribute to increasing the popularity of sports. Moreover, the park can become an organizational point for small races

Water treatment
The area near the ponds is designed to be a quiet place to relax from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. Landscaping and natural shores near ponds will not only recreate the atmosphere of the forest but also create habitats for birds. Picnic lawns and places with park furniture allow people to enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature.

Trees & urban forest
It is necessary to preserve as many existing trees on the site as possible. The main concentration of trees is in the center and the east of the park. The urban forest concept emphasizes natural landscaping, a variety of types of shrubs, flowers, and grasses

Apple Tree Museum
Scientists believe that the origin of apple trees is in the Tien-Shan mountain areas. Wild apple trees are still growing in Almaty. Biologist Nikolai Vavilov traced the genome of apples to a small grove near the city. Construction of an open-air museum of apple trees will help to educate people, appreciate nature, and develop the unique identity of the city

The outdoor amphitheater is at the heart of the park. There will be performances by artists and musicians, ceremonies, lectures, and fairs.  The prefabricated membrane structure of the canopy will not only protect from the sun and bad weather, but also create a recognizable node for visitors.

In Almaty, there is a problem with the distribution of quality adventure playgrounds, that allow children to explore their physical capabilities. The majority of playgrounds in the neighborhood are for children aged 6-10. ACAST Park playground provides for a variety of age groups and is equipped for children with disabilities as well.

Dog Park
For residents of the area around ACAST Park, the distance to the nearest dog walking park is more than 4 km. Such distances lead to pet owners walking their pets in places not intended for this purpose. Thus, conflicts of interest arise and social tension escalates. Providing a specialized dog park of 800 sq.m. will allow owners to safely walk, train, and socialize dogs. It will also increase the popularity and demand for housing in the area, creating additional value for the neighborhood.

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