National Bank

  • Location:

    Astana, Kazakhstan
  • Project year:

  • Type:

    Business center, Commercial
  • Scale:

    2, 3282 Hа
  • Built-up area:

    12 607, 5 m2
  • Office area:

    36 293 m2
  • Commercial area:

    5 622 m2
  • Total floors:

  • Stage:


Aura is a business center located in Astana's rapidly developing area. INK Architects carried out the entire design and specification of the business center and its interior. The combination of cubism fine art movement ideas, and the modern interpretation of classical architecture drives the design project.

The expressiveness of linear rhythms and light-color combinations of forms is the primary focus of the facade design. The subtle hues of marble, combined with metallic accents and tinted glass, create a calming atmosphere of modernity. A symphony of color and texture, the elements of this design come together to form a peaceful environment. The elevator hall has a noble grey contrast with golden metal hues on the front glass. The reception area is composed of black-tinted glass decor. The coworking zone is mainly composed of light warm tones.

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