Image: Arena Park
Image: Arena Park
Image: Arena Park
Image: Arena Park

Arena Park

  • Location:

    Samara, Russia
  • Project year:

  • Type:

    Residential complex
  • Site area:

    9 Hа
  • Building area:

    29 150 m2
  • Coverage area:

    37 182 m2
  • Greening area:

    26 722 m2
  • Total residents:

    3 033
  • Stage:

    Competition project

The brief for this project was to create a practical and economically sound concept for a 9.3 ha territory located around the Samara Arena stadium. Stadiums are generally known to cause multiple issues. In many cases, the area around them becomes deserted, the heat island effect intensifies due to large parking fields, and the urban fabric does not develop properly. For this reason, Samara city's government decided to launch a competition that would help to bring people to the area.

Our proposal aims to create comfortable living with developed infrastructure. The site is divided into four urban blocks with a 2.6 ha circular park in the middle. The modern world has changed significantly recently, and everyone is chained to their gadgets. Therefore, a central park space is provided to serve as a center of attraction for social integration, sports, and walking. Furthermore, this solution fulfills the need for communication between different age groups. Commercial spaces and amenities are arranged around it to accent the central public space and benefit from the views of the greenery.

The scheme has varying building blocks' heights to provide solar access to the courtyards. Each urban block has its' unique typology of buildings arrangement on the master plan to add a sense of space and character. Moreover, such a layout allows the development of the scheme phase by phase.

The architects proposed a unique solution of facades to make the quarter stand out. In addition, the architecture has a different style, which makes the look "not boring" and offers variability for marketing when positioning.
The uniqueness of the developed concept allows attracting more residents to Samara Arena's area, triggering more development around the stadium. It will contribute to negating the adverse effects and make greater use of infrastructure left underused otherwise.
The proposal addresses environmental friendliness, creating a homogeneous environment, transport accessibility, and inclusivity, which ultimately contribute to the development of the entire city.

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