Borovoe Hampton by Hilton

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    Borovoe, Kazakhstan
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The 1.75 ha site is located in the most culturally rich area of Tashkent, the Almazaran neighborhood. Sited next to Abdullah Kadiri's museum and park, the hotel guests could access Natural History Museum and colorful Eski-Juva and Chorsu markets across the road.

The building comprises two blocks, a 5-story hotel and a 5-story business center with an underground parking garage. The ground floor of the 3-star hotel accommodates social spaces, restaurants, kitchen areas, and technical and administrative rooms. The second floor has both guest rooms and laundry facilities. Meanwhile, the business center has a separate restaurant and reception area.

One of the design aspirations for Hampton by Hilton in Tashkent is integrating Uzbek national patterns to create recognizable facades and reflect the area's history. Materiality is the key to architectural expression. For instance, the golden palette assembles the feel of luxury.

The exterior of the complex harmoniously combines history and modern technologies. It also addresses the human scale by dividing the blocks into volumes with various facades and rhythms. The entrance segment is rich with ornaments and references to the vernacular architecture forms.
The national pattern is an expressive element that evokes an association with the culture of Uzbekistan. The basis of the decorative element on the hotel windows and facades is one of the most famous motifs that emerged from the ancient ornaments. Therefore, we proposed to use mosaics and involve local artisans in creating facade elements.

There are also two domes on the roof, created according to Central Asian historic architecture traditions. It is a landmark and integrates into the recognizable city skyline with blue domes.

 An Uzbek folk musical instrument inspires the lighting device design on the facade of the building - KARNAI, to celebrate the local culture. Karnai is a national instrument in Iran, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.

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