Image: Exclusive Opera
Image: Exclusive Opera
Image: Exclusive Opera
Image: Exclusive Opera

Exclusive Opera

  • Location:

    Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Project year:

  • Type:

    Residential complex
  • Building area:

    15 100 m2
  • Residential area:

    7 823 m2
  • Total apartments:

  • Stage:


Residents of the new residential complex, located at the intersection of Nazarbayev and Kabangbai Batyr streets, will be able to enjoy a quiet neighborhood in the center of Almaty, in a house where ideal living conditions are created - practicality and aesthetics in every detail and maximum comfort.

The residential complex consists of 3 blocks of different floors and is located next to the opera and ballet theater and its luxurious large squares. A two-level parking is located in the underground part of the building, with commercial premises occupying the first floors. And the internal territory of the complex will be designed with a unique landscape design featuring sports and children's areas.

Located in the old center, the modern residential complex will become a discreet accent in the urban environment and will harmonize with the legendary historical building of Almaty, thanks to the strict linear facades, elements of which echo the existing architectural ensemble in this area.

The architectural appearance of the building has a light and airy image due to the elegant and refined interplay of finishing materials - a large amount of glass, light stone, and elegant golden elements.

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