Image: Sensata
Image: Sensata
Image: Sensata
Image: Sensata


  • Location:

    Astana, Kazakhstan
  • Project year:

  • Type:

    Business Center
  • Scale:

    1, 1544 Hа
  • Office area:

    15 446 m2
  • Commercial area:

    2 220 m2
  • Building area:

    21 124 m2
  • Stage:


The business center is part of a larger architectural ensemble of business centers that line Turan Street in the heart of Astana while preserving its own unique and modern business aesthetic. The composition of the building also became the starting point for creating the concept of the residential complex Sensata, which continues the style of building in this area of the city. INK Architects were responsible for designing and developing the architecture, interiors, and lighting of the public areas of the business center. The architects achieved a striking modern style that seamlessly ties together the exterior and interior elements of the building. The cubic, dynamic style that characterizes contemporary life is reflected in the details of the Sensata architecture, from the walls and windows to the doors and columns. In addition, all the building elements have been carefully crafted to create a harmonious and stylish atmosphere, giving the business center a genuinely modern and sophisticated feel.

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