• The philosophical position of the collective and project author:
    Architecture – a country’s calling card; a demonstration of its level of cultural development;
    Architectural space – a synthesis of the spiritual and natural worlds;
    “Durability, utility, beauty” – traditional, but always relevant, basic requirements in the design environment;
    The architect’s profession – a projection of the future;
    Our rule: no matter how much effort and energy is spent on a project, what is important is that it remains after us…

  • The company’s history began in 2004. In this period of time, we have established ourselves and built a system for our creative activities within two main tracks. We have two companies INK Architects & Kamitov Project
    The main office of INK Architects is located in Almaty with branches in Astana, Miami, and Beijing. The company offers services in the spheres of architecture, interior design, and master planning.
    The founder and head project author is Nurlan Kamitov.
    The team’s portfolio contains a large and substantial number of completed projects, as well as a wealth of experience both in our native Kazakhstan and abroad.

    Almaty, 17/1, Al-Farabi st., Business Center Nurly-Tau, floor 20.
    tel.: +77273900438, +77273900387, info@ink-a.com

    Astana, 3, Dostyk st., Exhibition Centre "Korme", office 39.
    tel.: +77017499840 info@ink-a.com

    5201 Blue Lagoon Drive, 8th Floor Miami, FL 33126
    tel.: +13056293217, aynar.alvarez@gmail.com

    N1407, No. 42 Hijing Road, Chancheng District of Foshan City, Guangdong Province
    Email: 382216468@qq.com
    tel.: +8613999199971, +8613899988751

  • The team is composed of charismatic personalities trained in Kazakhstan and abroad.

    Each member boasts great capacity for creative achievement.
    Here, we value business-oriented creative energy, the ability to express ideas with pencil in hand! We welcome democracy, experimentation and constructive criticism; a constant search for ways to move forward…

    Overall, our collective is very young, with an average age of 30-35 years old.